Portraits of the energy revolution on display at Transitions Film Festival 2017

How do we reduce our deadly reliance on fossil fuel energy? It’s a question our governments are struggling to answer. But in the absence of significant action from the top, there are people on the ground dedicating their lives to solving the problems of resource sustainability and scarcity.

There are communities in Australia rising up against fossil fuel juggernauts, entrepreneurs in Africa developing new concepts for resource production, and communities in Germany discovering new models for managing the energy grid.

Here are four must-see documentaries about the challenges and solutions to our energy crisis. You can catch these films and more at the Transitions Film Festival, touring Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. View the full festival program here.

#1 – Power to Change: The Energy Rebellion

The Power to Change follows the daily struggle of activists, entrepreneurs, sceptics and critics in dealing with energy decentralisation. Right in in the heartland of the energy revolution: Germany.


Melbourne:  March 3 Cinema Nova

Sydney: March 13, Dendy Newtown

Brisbane: March 24, New Farm Cinemas


#2 – There Will Be Water

There Will Be Water follows one man’s quest to combat food and water shortages through mind-blowingly innovative technology. British engineer and zoologist Bill Watts has a big idea: bring saltwater into the desert and use the sun to create freshwater, food and energy – changing the lives of millions in the process.


Melbourne: 23 February, Cinema Nova

Sydney: 14 March, Dendy Newtown 


3# – Our Power (advanced preview)


Our Power is a documentary that hits close to home. The film follows the residents of Victoria’s Latrobe Valley – the state’s powerhouse home to three brown coal mines and four power stations. For over 90 years Victorians have relied on the valley to produce up to 80 per cent of its energy. Our Power follows the impacts of the devastating 45 day Hazelwood mine fire and the Latrobe Valley’s transition to post-coal economy.


Melbourne:  25 February, Cinema Nova 

#4 – The Bentley Effect

Filmed over five years, The Bentley Effect documents the battle to keep a unique part of Australia free of gas fields. Beginning in 2011, a critical mass of people from all walks of life – activists, farmers, landowners, mums, dads and scientists – began rallying against a powerful corporate foe. This is the story of a community’s heroic stance, and shows how direct action and peaceful protest can overcome industrial might and political short-sightedness. It chronicles one of the fastest growing social movements Australia has ever witnessed.


Melbourne: 2 March, Cinema Nova

Brisbane:  26 March New Farm Cinema


Catch these films and more at Transitions Film Festival!
These films, and many more, will be screening at Transitions Film Festival. For program details visit www.transitionsfilmfestival.com