Transitions Film Festival Melbourne
13 Feb – 6 Mar 2015

The 4th annual Transitions Film Festival will again be blooming across Melbourne this February and March. Featuring over 20 cutting-edge documentaries and a huge range of shorts, this year’s TFF is more dynamic and inspiring than ever.


It’s the year 2015 and, according to one classic sci-fi trilogy, we are officially living in ‘the future’.

The first hoverboard prototype has been built, flying cars are real and we are on the cusps of finding the key to eternal life. But as we stagger erratically towards utopia, old and new threats to our planet and society have increased in intensity. From fracking to arctic drilling, tar sands to coal port expansion, peak oil to looming debt bubbles, these are the years of living dangerously.

They are also the years that the world sits on the verge of an internationally binding climate treaty and the years where the world’s sustainable development goals are being reconsidered. It is the year that one of the world’s leading intellectuals and a notoriously eloquent comedian took aim at unfettered capitalism, that if left unchanged may lead to the irreversible destruction of our civilization.

As the stakes are raised, the birth of new ideas and the forces of resistance are rising to the tasks at hand. Activist pranksters are speaking truth to power and using spectacle to hold corporations to account, academics are drilling deep into the commerce of climate denialism and exposing the misanthropic lies being perpetuated on our society, and artists are empowering and uniting entire communities, building empathy and creating engagement.

Even the world of business is being turned upside down, with the proliferation of open-source, collaborative consumption, distributed, networked structures, and the rise of social enterprises and benefit corporations.

On top of this swell of disruption, the worlds leading data scientists are constantly developing new ideas and innovations that have the potential to evolve our society beyond recognition.

The future is on the table. The status quo is being disrupted. This is the decade that will define the course of history. Another world is happening. Get engaged. Get inspired. The future is now.

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The Transitions Film Festival is Australia’s largest sustainability film festival, dedicated to showcasing inspirational documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trailblazing change-makers that are leading the way to a better world.

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