The Transitions Film Festival showcases groundbreaking documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trailblazing changemakers that are leading the way to a better world.


The Transitions Film Festival returns in 2016 with an inspirational line up of game changing documentaries!

Melbourne – Cinema Nova (18th Feb – 3rd March)  
Adelaide – Mercury Cinema (20th – 29th May) 
Darwin – Deckchair Cinema / Museum and Art Gallery NT (24th -29th June)

The films in this year’s program paint a portrait of a world that is waking up and rising to the challenges of global civilization at an unprecedented speed.

They show that we don’t only need revolutionary inventions or breakthrough technologies to create a better world. If we ask good questions and recalibrate our vision in the right way, we can create remarkable change.

We can transition from coal to renewables and avert the worst threats of climate change, we can shift from a global economy that is systemically designed to implode, to a model that works for the majority of people.

We can grow food that nourishes and vitalizes us. We can create impact with businesses that profit from purpose, and solve the problem of global poverty with innovative models of empowerment and enterprise.

The films in this year’s program are the seeds to a new world.

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