2016 | 84 min | USA
Directed by Matt Rutherford 
Australian Premiere
Followed by panel discussion
Eyal Halamish 
CEO – OurSay

Tanushree Rao 
Science Communicator Future Crunch and Nightingale Housing


 Megan Wright
Co-Founder Overflow Ventures
Co-Organiser – Social Innovation



A feature documentary about Singularity University and its mission to use exponential technology to positively impact the lives of billions.

Featuring Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, Shimon Peres, Ashton Kutcher,, Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, and others, this film follows the story of how the Singularity University teaches students to confront the crucial issues affecting the future of our species, and inspires them to build start-ups that will help solve our most pressing global challenges.

Exponential technology is changing the world and there is only one university in the world devoted to teaching students how to harness it: Singularity University.

The University follow the students of Singularity University as they are given a fearsome challenge: create companies that will impact a billion people within ten years.