Megan Wright

Speaking @ The University

In late 2015, Megan co-founded Overflow Ventures, a boutique consultancy specifically focused on ways in which emerging technologies (such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence) can be harnessed to create positive social impact, and aid in solving complex global problems. Once learning about the challenges that many social entrepreneurs were facing, Megan launched Melbourne’s Social Innovation Community in 2016, a platform designed to educate, inspire, and support social entrepreneurs in creating sustainable social change. A humanitarian at heart, Megan has an eclectic range of experience, ranging from a dual academic and sports scholarship in the USA (studying Pre-Med), volunteer coordination for a global NFP, coordinating large drug-and-alcohol-free events and learning to speak the corporate language of Political PR in London’s centre.

Megan is currently Head of Impact at, a company dedicated to harnessing data driven analytics for social impact measurement and evaluation, as well as the marketing and execution of great concepts. Megan is a co-founder of Metavents, a platform for immersive planning, simulation and risk management which holds huge promise for the humanitarian aid industry. In 2018, in collaboration with partners The Vihara and Hendrix Foundations, Metavents will be used to deliver the Rock Against Poverty Concerts, to raise $1B for poverty alleviation.