2015|65 min|USA
Directed by Chad A. Stevens
Australian Premiere

Followed by panel discussion with Deborah Hart (Author Guarding Eden), Greg Foyster (Author Changing Gears), Tom Doig (Author The Coal Face), Nicholas Aberle (Environment Victoria).

What does a post-coal world look like?

Overburden is the story of a fiery, pro-coal right-winger and a tenacious, environmentalist grandmother as they take on the most dangerous coal company in America. These two lives intertwine as the pair unite to launch the first wind farm in coal country, rebuild their fractured community and prepare for the transition to a new, green economy.
The international coal industry is in a “terminal decline,” leaving communities facing an uncertain and dire future. Overburden is the first film of its kind to document the end of the age of coal and celebrate the heroes who are standing up to rebuild their fractured communities.