Deborah Hart

Speaking @ Overburden 

Deborah Hart wrote Guarding Eden (Allen & Unwin, 2015) to show how and why highly destructive, polluting industries that built immense wealth and influence last century are now using that power recklessly to protect their profits, and what ordinary citizens are doing in attempts to safeguard nature and humanity’s future.

Before becoming an activist Deborah spent 16 years working in development roles with leading Australian arts and culture organisations. In 2006 Deborah founded LIVE, one of Melbourne’s first local climate groups, and later co-founded CLIMARTE(2010), an independent not for profit body that brings the arts community together to tackle climate change.

Deborah volunteers with numerous not-for-profit environment groups and helped establish ClimActs (with Dr Liz Conor, 2013) to combine spectacle, humour and direct action to draw attention to the climate issue. ClimActs’ founding act the Climate Guardians recently captivated the world’s media in Paris during COP15.