2017 | 77 min | FRANCE
Directed by Eric Georgeault and Helene Walter


Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition
Researcher / Teacher UniSa

A film that reveals the significance of mindfulness practice in transforming the lives of young people.

Through poetic cinematography and stories of teachers sharing their wisdom with children from a range of backgrounds, the film showcases the benefits of mindfulness as a way out of violence and suffering, and as an attainable solution for younger generations.

May I Be Happy explores the teaching of mindfulness by a group of educators in San Francisco.

Young people today are exposed to increasingly stressful environments and societal pressures including violence, poverty and unemployment.

May I be Happy examines the power of the practice of mindfulness to lower stress and benefit students.

With increasing pressures a relatable problem for most people around the world, the lessons learned in May I be Happy can help anyone to live more peaceful, stress-free and engaged lives.


**This film has been exempt from classification and has no age restrictions