Dr. Barbara Koth

Speaking @ May I Be Happy 

Barb is a UniSa Adjunct who conducts research and teaches in the area of human dimensions of environment and sustainability, including behaviour change and lifestyle practices.

Barb reinvigorated the Pachamama Alliance: ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’ program in Adelaide. She also runs the Spiritual Movies Adelaide Meetup, which explores ethics and spirituality as a pathway to building a sustainable society.

Barb arrived in 2003 from Duluth, Minnesota (USA), a spectacularly wild Far North region of the central U.S. She decided to move to Australia after studying sustainable tourism in Queensland (and Chile and the South Island of New Zealand) on a sabbatical. Along the way, Barb developed a successful ecotourism consulting business, and has lived/worked in 30+ countries including Zanzibar (Tanzania), Ghana, Uganda, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, Malaysia and Jordan.