2016 | 56 min | AUSTRALIA  
Directed by Peter Charles Downey
Q & A
Peter Charles Downey 
Film Director – Esteem
James Tonson 
Facilitator – The Rescope Project

A probing, reflective documentary about human psychology, our relationship with the planet and how we can fix ourselves so that we may fix the world.

From Peter Charles Downey, the director of Surviving Earth and Animal Mundi, comes Esteem, a documentary about the relationship between our inner psyche and the state of the environment.

It is a profound documentary that explores the fundamental reason behind the environmental crisis. It suggests that our destruction of the earth is a mirror of humanity’s psychological and emotional state, and shows how we can heal this wound with vulnerability, compassion, love and mindfulness.

The film features the thoughts and reflections of sustainability and psychology experts Subhana Barzaghi, John Seed, Prof. Stuart Hill, Carol Perry, Aladdin Jones, Elizabetta Faenza and Lenita Vangellis.