James Tonson

Speaking @ Raw & Esteem

James is a facilitator and consultant with The Rescope Project, helping people to regenerate the systems and stories we live by, to create healthy, meaningful lives within a flourishing Earth.

Born in New Zealand, James also lived in Papua New Guinea before coming to Melbourne as a teenager.  His background in education, advocacy and community development has included previous roles as Vice-President of Environment Education Victoria and as the inaugural Secretary to the Global Greens.

James is a current member of the editorial board for Breaking Out: A journal of schools, community and social justice, and has been published in the ABC’s The Drum and various journals.

The connections between our personal lives, social systems and environmental sustainability are central to The Rescope Project.  James’ particular interest in the relationship between psychology, politics and environment led to the development of his unique workshops on the relationship between grief and social change.  These explore how our experiences of change and loss affect the way we live, work and engage in political action.

James describes himself as vegan but he’s not purist about it and he enjoys an active life as a musician, cyclist and player of ultimate frisbee.


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