Welcome to the 2018 Transitions Film Festival – the year of the Gamechangers


The films in this year’s program remind us that, no matter how peaceful, abundant, and blessed our lives might be, here in Australia – now and in this moment – we are living in an era of radical, chaotic, and sometimes ungraspable change.


The films paint a picture of the exponential developments and radical disruptions that we are facing across almost every domain of human existence. In You’re Soaking In It, we see the seismic shifts in online privacy and the culture-changing impacts of big data, in Free Lunch Society we are forced to imagine a world beyond work, where universal basic income is the new normal, and in AlphaGo and SuperSapiens, we catch a glimpse of the artificial intelligence revolution that will give birth to a future society that is hard to imagine.

The program also reconnects us to the immense challenges we face as a civilisation. In Thank You for the Rain, Chasing Coral, Operation Jeedara, and Third Industrial Revolution, we confront the devastating impacts of climate change and the need for urgent action, in Albatross, we bear witness to how we have turned our ocean into a plastic soup that’s poisoning the web of life that sustains us, and in Last Animals and Empathy we are forced to question the horrific impact we are having on the animal worlds.

In these times of radical flux and escalating crises, it is important to maintain our moral compass and hold a strong vision of the future we want. The change has happened to us, and is being created by us. It will evolve according to our design.


The pace of this change is unstoppable, but the future we will inhabit has not yet been decided… that is why we need gamechangers. Not just good people, but heroes who go above and beyond – to bring truth to light and radically change systems.

This year’s program is testament to the resilience and vigour of the human spirit and the infinite potential for us to continue on in the face of adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds. Food Fighter follows force-to-be-reckoned-with Ronni Kahn as she builds her OzHarvest empire and fights an epic battle to end food waste forever, Albatross follows international artist Chris Jordan on his 8 year journey to document the plight of our beloved ocean birds and motivate us all to fix the crises of plastic in our oceans.

In Guardians of the Earth and Thank You for the Rain, we see the politicians and activists
fighting tirelessly for a safe climate future, in Evolution of Organic and The Gateway Bug we follow entrepreneurs, farmers, and activists fixing agriculture, in Bending the Arc, we are inspired by one man’s tireless quest to revolutionise a broken health system and in Amplify Her we move towards a world without gender discrimination and embrace the power of the feminine.

The films, and speakers in this year’s program show us that no matter how large our challenges, and no matter how overwhelming the pace of change may seem, we can all have an impact.

On behalf of the Transitions Film Festival we would like to thank all of the amazing volunteers, partners, guests, filmmakers and supporters who helped make this year’s Transitions Film Festival happen, and to everyone who dedicates their lives to making the world a better place.

Melbourne program (22nd Feb – 9th March)

Sydney program (20th – 22nd March)

Brisbane program (23rd – 25th March)

Perth program (23rd – 25th March)

Adelaide program (18th – 27th May)