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2019 | 88 min | GERMANY
Directed by: Lars Pape
Australian Premiere

You Bet I Dance! follows a Staatsballet Berlin class of children with cerebral palsy as they embark on their first big adventure into the world of ballet. A warm and uplifting documentary that demonstrates what is possible when children with physical and cognitive limitations are given the opportunity to express themselves through the power of dance and music. 

Through the vision and passion of Loretta Stern, a creative artist from Berlin, Germany, a dance workshop for children with cerebral palsy takes place for the first time in Europe, at one of the best dance theatres in the world – the Staatsballett Berlin. Leonie and Hannah, two girls with very different disease processes, embark on their first big dance adventure with 8 other children.

Dance is a form of expression, yet not everyone is granted the same access to it. You Bet I Dance! changes this narrative and explores what is possible for children with physical and cognitive limitations when given the opportunity to participate and learn. 

Their journey demonstrates the immense power of music and dance as expressed through the irrepressible joy of the children and their families. 

A truly moving and emotionally charged film. 

**This film has been exempt from classification and has no age restrictions