Two Raging Grannies
2013|78 min|Norway
Directed by Håvard Bustnes
South Australian Premiere


Eventbrite - 2 Raging Grannies +short film "Forest Man"



This film has been exempt from classification and is restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

Two Raging Grannies is a road movie following two gutsy old ladies on their mobility scooters as they embark on a quest to seek answers to the burning question: How do we get out of this economic mess? 

Challenging the idea that we must continue to shop, consume, amass, and keep the economy growing, Shirley and Hinda, take to cities and towns across the US to engage everyone from the recently homeless to university students to growth economists and Wall Street tycoons, questioning the sustainability of continued economic growth, and demonstrating that it is never – ever – too late to get out and make a difference.

Two Raging Grannies offers a fresh look at the financial crisis and the far-reaching social and environmental effects of unchecked consumption. This eye-opening and thought provoking film also manages to touch on universal issues like aging and the fear of death with humor and directness.  

SHORT FILM: King of the Forest (8 min)–  Nicole Precel

In an undisclosed location deep within an Australian forest, Noddy has been living off the grid for 15 years. Now in his 70s, Noddy shares his unique life with us as he shows us around his home called Placebo Park and discusses life, love and loneliness. 


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