The Rainforests Are Under Threat
2015|97 min|USA
Directed by Jerome Dolbert
Australian Premiere


A journey deep inside the lungs of the earth

Situated in the heart of the Andes mountains and bordered by five countries and the Pacific Ocean, Peru is the third largest country in South America and boasts the second largest area of tropical rainforest in Latin America. 
These rainforests host over 10 percent of the world’s flora and fauna, placing Peru among the top 10 “megadiverse” countries on the planet.
The Rainforests are Under Threat is a new multi-award winning documentary underscoring the threats facing this ecological treasure-trove and the people who are fighting to protect it. 


– Official Selection California Film Awards Best Documentary 2015
– Official Selection Hollywood Film Festival 2015
– Official Selection Awareness Film Festival 2015
Platinum Reel Award Nevada Film Festival 2015
– Official Selection Lilliputian Film Festival 2015