2017 | 96 min | USA
Directed by Rob Herring and Ryan Wilrick

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Executive-produced and narrated by Rosario Dawson (Daredevil, Iron Fist) and featuring Paul Stamets and Vandana Shiva, The Need to Grow highlights the urgent need to replenish the world’s soil. With a strong focus on innovative solutions, the film showcases the inspiring, innovative, and potentially revolutionary pathways to regeneration, rejuvenation and a healthy planet.

With only sixty years of farmable soil left on Earth, and the increased threats of climate change, the need to rethink how we use earth’s natural resources has never been more important.  

The Need to Grow takes an intimate look into the hearts of activists and innovators in the food movement who are redesigning our future; an eight-year-old girl who challenges the ethics of a beloved organisation, a renegade farmer struggling to keep his land as he revolutionises resource-efficient agriculture, and an accomplished visionary inventor facing catastrophe in the midst of developing a game changing technology.

Michael Smith, a computer scientist who created technology for the first ever 3D animations in Disney’s Aladdin movie and developed audio processing technology for the FBI, invents a ‘Green Power House’ which does 400 year’s worth of nature’s work in 4 days, Alicia Serratos, who gave a TEDx talk at just 7 years of age, questions the prevalence of GMOs in our food, and Erkik Cutter cultivates his zero-waste, toxin-free Mirco Farm. The film follows their triumphs and challenges as they struggle to build a better world

Followed by panel discussion. 

CLASSIFICATION: Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult