2017 | 83 min | USA
Directed by Johanna Kelly and Cameron Marshad

Followed by Q & A with the filmmakers

Director The Gateway Bug
Cinematographer / Editor The Gateway Bug
Comedian, Science Communicator, and Coordinator Engineers Without Borders

Featuring interviews with professionals from the UN, USDA, NRDC, TV host, chef Andrew Zimmern and Shark Tank star Pat Crowley, The Gateway Bug follows the rise and fall of edible insect start-ups and explores cultural taboos, exposes our disconnect with ‘food as climate catastrophe’ and shares inspirational ideas on how to fix our broken food system.

Documenting the shifting American landscape of regulation, diet and agriculture from the front lines of climate-affected communities like Flint MI and Youngstown OH, audiences are converted into activists, igniting social change through education and empowerment.

This eco foodie doc reveals behind the scenes of commercial cricket farms in the rust belt, as yet unseen technology from Silicon Valley, bug eating festivals keeping Austin weird and lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Recent studies show a global shift to an ento/plant-based diet would reduce mortality 10% and cut up to 70% of Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050.

The Gateway Bug shares the key towards a brighter future by offering a solution to some of the pressing climate issues of today.

AWARDS: Best Environmental Documentary at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Green Spark Award at the American Conservation Film Festival, Award of Excellence for Documentary Feature at the Impact DOCS Awards, Special Menzione at the Milano International Film Festival Awards

FESTIVALS SCREENED AT: Nashville Film Festival, Bentonville Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, DOCFEST  


**This film has been exempt from classification and has no age restrictions