2016 | 88 min | UK
Directed by Sean Blacknell & Wayne Walsh
Australian Premiere
Presented by The School of Life

Daniel Teitelbaum
Head of Content – The School of Life Australia

World experts in futurology, anthropology, neuroscience, and philosophy consider the impacts of technological advances on two of the few certainties of human life: work and death.

Featuring an impressive cast of the world’s leading thinkers, including: writer and philosopher Will Self, futurologist, Ian Pearson, biomedical gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, philosopher David Pearce and AI researcher Dr. Stuard Armstrong, The Future of Work and Death is a provocative look at how the two certainties in life, work and death, may not be so certain in the near future.

It explores how AI and the technological singularity could be achievable in the next 30 years, how job obsolescence and technological unemployment could consequently occur, and how immortality may not be a thing of science fiction.

Will we work, age or even die in the future? Is a paradigm shift on its way?  How will it fare with the largely impoverished global populace? Will it transfigure and elevate us, or, will entropy ensue?

The Future of Work and Death is a story about the future of humanity and the decisions that we will need to make to live meaningfully in the world that is on our doorstep.