2016 | 90 min | NETHERLANDS
Directed by Benthe Forrer
Australian Premiere
Presented by Lush Cosmetics

A quirky story of a man seeking to have himself imprisoned for eating a bar of chocolate.

Three bold and cheeky Dutch journalists uncover child labour in the cocoa production chain, which triggers them to try to persuade large corporations to end these unethical practices once and for all.

Scorned and rejected by the industry, and having sought in vain to become imprisoned for their cause, the trio sets out on a mission to develop the first ‘slave-free’ chocolate bar known as ‘Tony’s Chocolonely’ – now one of Holland’s leading chocolate brands.

The documentary follows these three playful and cheeky journalists, for over a decade, on their sincere, relentless, and often hilarious quest to revolutionise the chocolate industry.

The film is both a powerful expose of the deeply entrenched problems of the cocoa supply chain, and a truly inspirational story about the power and passion of dedicated individuals to bring about systemic change in the world.