2016 | 88 min | AUSTRALIA  
Directed by Ian Darling and Jon Muir
SPECIAL EVENT Presented by Mercury Cinema

Suzy & The Simple Man is an environmental love story about sustainability and the cycle of life.

Eight years in the making, this intimate yet funny and uplifting film, features Suzy and her adventurer husband Jon Muir, who live a simple life off the grid — growing organic fruit and vegetables and caring for their chooks and sheep.

But the simple life is never as easy as it seems.

Suzy is a strong and independent spirit, a black belt in karate who built her own house in her early 20’s. Jon describes himself as a simple man, but he’s climbed Mt Everest, skied to the South and North Poles, and walked alone across the continent of Australia.

After a lifetime of adventure, this remarkable couple have finally put down roots together on a remote property in South Eastern Australia.

There’s nothing sentimental about the way they farm or the animals they occasionally kill in order to eat; protecting the garden against drought, floods, fire and plagues of insects isn’t for the ignorant or faint of heart. With enviable patience, hard labour, knowledge and skill they have grown a garden of riches.

In a community where it can take a generation to become a local, Suzy has struggled with isolation, especially when Jon is absent for lengthy periods as an adventure guide. And yet, despite the recognisable struggles of any couple, Suzy and Jon share one remarkable life. They are practical and romantic, dreamers and achievers, who have discovered who they are and exactly how they want to live their life.

But when all seems perfect, something changes their world and life takes an unexpected turn. With bravery and conviction, they confront perhaps their greatest challenge yet, and consider taking the road less travelled.

Suzy & The Simple Man is a modest story with big questions at its heart: our relationship to each other, to nature and to other creatures, the care of the planet and ourselves, and confronting our own mortality.