Strange and Familiar
2015|54 min|Canada
Directed by Katherine Knight and Marcia Connolly
Australian Premiere


Ruffling Feathers
by Kim Paul Nguyen

King of the Forest
by Nicole Precel

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A story of how conscious design can shape a community and rebuild an economy.

On Fogo Island, a Maritime community has been facing devastation since the collapse of cod fishing. Native architect Todd Saunders and social entrepreneur Zita Cobbs have come up with a radical solution: a stunningly original hotel, which is intended to act as a catalyst for the community.
Architect Todd Saunders’s buildings on Fogo Island embrace the excitement of being on the edge of nature and contemporary design while fulfilling the goal of doing ‘new things with old ways’. 
Visually stunning and gorgeously photographed over the Island’s seven seasons, the film is a flowing, visual narrative that unfolds over time as the principal stage of the project, the Fogo Island Inn, approaches completion.


Strange and Familiar + shorts

Ruffling Feathers (8 min)

Director: Kim Paul Nguyen
No Frontiers Media

Ruffling Feathers tells the story of how 20 year old farmer Madelaine Scott crowdfunded $60,000 to run her own organic egg farm at Hollyburton.
Strange and Familiar + shorts

King of the Forest (8 min)

Director/Producer: Nicole Precel 
DOP: Andy Drewitt
Editor: Oscar Strangio

In an undisclosed location deep within an Australian forest, Noddy has been living off the grid for 15 years. Now in his 70s, Noddy shares his unique life with us as he shows us around his home called Placebo Park and discusses life, love and loneliness.