2016 | 95 min | CANADA 
Directed by David McIlvride and Roger Williams
Followed by special guest panel
Declan Hearne
Program Manager – Capacity Development, Training and Applied Research
International WaterCentre
Dr Alice Payne
Lecturer in Fashion, Social Entrepreneurship Program co-leader, QUT Design Lab
School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology


Professor Stuart Bunn
Director of the Australian Rivers Institute
Griffith University

A film with a mission to inspire positive change in the fashion industry.

Directed by David McIlvride and narrated by avid water-supporter Jason Priestley, RiverBlue follows river conservationist Mark Angelo on a journey across the globe where he reveals the darker side of the fashion industry and its disastrous impact on the world’s water resources.

This haunting documentary shows the destruction of rivers and other waterways, and the negative impact the fashion industry has also on humanity as a whole. Harsh chemical manufacturing and large amounts of disposed toxic waste in the US, China, Africa, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Bangladesh, and the UK, destroy our environment in the name of fashion.

Shot in 5K, these stunning and shocking images aim to raise awareness and call upon our top fashion brands to change the way our clothes are made.

This ground-breaking documentary also offers solutions, highlighting some of the new and emerging technologies in textile manufacturing, designed to conserve water and limit the use of toxic chemicals during production.

It also showcases the designers and brands that are driving positive change in manufacturing practices and are leading the charge for a more sustainable fashion industry.

  • WINNER Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards
  • NOMINATED FOR IMPACT AWARD Vancouver International Film Festival