Return of the River
2014|72 min|USA
Directed by Jessica Plumb and John Gussman
Australian Premiere
Presented by
great forest
An epic David and Goliath battle of environment vs industry and the quest of locals to decommission a dam and return water to an ecosystem. It shows how, when nature is appropriately valued and respected, anything is possible.
Return of the River is a film about the largest dam removal in history. Early proponents of dam removal were told that the idea was “crazy”.  
This empowering film follows the complex journey from “crazy idea” to celebrated success story.
The primary conflict is a clash of values around a natural resource. To the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, the river is a source of life and abundant salmon, central to the tribe’s culture and economy. New settlers, on the other hand, see the river as a source of electric power, essential for industry. 
Highlighting the power of individuals to create change and the potential for compromise between environment and industry,  this is a story about hope and possibility, for people and the planet.