Adult $16, Concession $12, DFS members $10, kids $8 and family $35
2016 | 94 min | GERMANY
Directed by Carl A Fechner
Hosted by:

Pre-event from 6pm Science@Sunset
Robert Saunders
Engineer BG Group Engineer; who will talk about solar energy in the Northern Territory
Andrew Spiers
Builder of a low energy NT Top End home
Post event Q & A
Climate Action Darwin and COOLmob

A cinematic snapshot of what an energy revolution can look like from one of the world’s most inspiring countries. Germany is often celebrated as the ‘poster child’ for the energy revolution.

Germany faces the biggest structural reform since the beginning of the industrial age.

Power to Change – The Energy Rebellion is a cinematic experience and exploration of this millennium challenge. This is the story of a quest – a search in which questions are raised and answers found. What does the energy turnaround mean for us? What are the economic, ecological and social implications? What are the challenges and risks? What is at stake and what is the price?

The film shows the conflict over an energy revolution, which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced through decentralized, regional players. It draws upon the personal stories of people who have taken the responsibility for their energy supply and the protection of their livelihood into their own hands.

By weaving together people and places it creates an authentic record of our time. With a journalistic-analytical approach supported by in-depth research, the film shows the daily struggle of activists, entrepreneurs, sceptics and critics in dealing with this energy revolution.