Brunswick Mechanics Institute
270 Sydney Road

Doors open from 7:00

Proudly supported by 



Cloud Catcher – The General Assembly
Community Energy Advocate & Environmental Reporter
Retired teacher and activist
Documentary Producer Youthworx Productions

Proudly Supported by Moreland City Council

Join Transitions Film Festival at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute for a special evening of music, film and art, exploring what it means to be alive in a time of climate emergency, species extinction and economic uncertainty.

How can we be strong, resilient, engaged and empowered in the face of such immense challenges?

How can we build community, embrace hope, thrive and usher in a new world of positivity, connection and meaning?

Enjoy the premiere screening of Matt Wicking’s experimental eco-film Lost at Sea, feature film The Reluctant Radical, expert panel discussion, and musical performances.


The Reluctant Radical brings us a heartbreaking and heart-warming story of long-time environmentalist and activist, Ken Ward, who confronts his fears to combat the greatest crisis of human civilisation: climate change.

With 20 years of experience in leading environmental organisations, Ken is alarmed by the scientific evidence of climate change and the repercussions for human civilisation.

Receiving little support from environmental organisations, Ken takes matters into his own hands and participates in a series of nonviolent acts of civil disobedience as a means of putting himself in the direct path of the fossil fuel industry.

With Ken facing 20 years in jail, we are forced to ask ourselves whether Ken is out of touch with reality – or if it’s the rest of society that is delusional for staying complacent in the face of the unsettling evidence of climate change

Followed by a panel discussion about what it means to live in a time of climate emergency and what we can do to keep ourselves psychologically resilient while still having the most powerful impact we can.


A ship taking on water. A captain nowhere to be found. A growing sense of unease. And a series of strange coincidences. Lost At Sea is a true story about a trip on a cruise ship gone wrong. It\’s also about capitalism, collapse and collective action – using story, metaphor and song to cross difficult waters. Presented by Cloud Catcher and filmed by Fair Projects, this short film captures a 2018 performance of Matt Wicking\’s powerful presentation. Featuring sound design by The General Assembly, it\’s an example of a creative and collective response to systemic crises – and a bold call to action for more of the same.