2018 | 90 min | USA
Directed by Lorena Luciano and Filippo Piscopo

Australian Premiere


ASRC Ambassador
Refugee Talent
MACHID Arts Group

Life in Southern Italy is thrown into disarray as refugees arrive by the thousands with many seeking asylum.

Life in Southern Italy is thrown into a tailspin when refugees arrive by the thousands and the locals are left to fend for themselves.

Aregai, an Eritrean refugee, who survives a major shipwreck off the shores of Lampedusa, is trapped in the Italian faltering immigration system and goes underground to reach Northern Europe.

Through his journey, intercut with the road trip to Germany of a Syrian family, the clash between the newcomers and the locals escalates in real time.

It Will Be Chaos is an eloquent, cohesive mosaic of a crisis that is global in scale, where both the refugees and the local communities struggle to stay afloat.

CLASSIFICATION: Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult