A diverse selection of inspiring Australian shorts exploring the state of our world and the future we want. Films in this year’s shorts program engage with topics including: regenerative agriculture, climate change, tiny homes and the effects of plastics on marine ecosystems.


HOME FRONT – Facing Australia’s Climate Emergency 
16:20 min | Directed by Luke Taylor | AUSTRALIA 

A powerful and eye-opening analysis that presents some of Australia’s leading security, defence and political experts who all warn us that climate change is ‘a catalyst for conflict’ and a ‘threat multiplier’ as it fuels instability in the world’s most vulnerable regions.

19:10 min | Directed by Frank Oly | AUSTRALIA

Grassroots follows Guy Webb and his friends, unlikely heroes on a quest to bring a genuine climate change solution to the world. A multi award winning Australian documentary about how fungi can save the planet. 

26:11 min | Directed by Kate Aubrey | AUSTRALIA

Simple Living explores whether ‘less is really best’? The film follows three Australian families’ unique journeys to build their small dream homes, from tiny homes to cob cottages, using mostly local, recycled and salvaged materials. Find out how they navigate past land challenges and bank debts to find their ultimate abundance.

22:10 Directed by Ella Colley and Cam Suttie | AUSTRALIA

What does it take to protect Australia’s wildest, most pristine ocean from oil drilling? The Great Australian Bight is a wild and beautiful stretch of ocean at the southern end of Australia. But multinational oil giants are willing to risk the Bight for dangerous new oil drilling. These are the stories of the people that live on and love the Bight – and the lengths they’ll go to protect it.

24 min | Directed by Diana Myers and Gillian Burt | AUSTRALIA

Tied to The Sea explores our human impact on marine ecosystems, the presence of critical tipping points in our environment, and what we can do to create change. Through a blend of science and personal narratives, the film explores the effects of plastics, POPs (persistent organic pollutants), preservatives and chemical compounds on the health of the ocean. When we feel connected, we care. When we care, we take action. And action can’t be put off any longer.