Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World
2015|74 min|Canada
Directed by Charles Wilkinson
Australian Premiere


This hopeful story of the pristine Haida Gwaii, Canada’s world renowned archipelago shows how, with the co-operation between eco-activists, scientists, organic farmers and quirky islanders, the world-view of an ancient society can co-mingle with that of progressive newcomers – to create a sustainable world.

The story of Haida Gwaii is one of a place and a people who have experienced the ravages of unsustainable exploitation; they’ve fought back, reclaimed control of their lands, and have begun the process of rebuilding both their natural world and a sustainable modern community.  

Emmy Award-winning director Charles Wilkinson (Oil Sands Karaoke, Peace Out) turns his camera on the unique community uniting to protect land and sea for the next generation.

The film features insights from former Haida Nation president Guujaaw, activist Severn Suzuki, Haida carver Jaalen Edenshaw, International Rediscovery founder Thom ‘Huck’ Henley, Haida Chief Allan Wilson, ex-loggers, business and cultural leaders, troublemakers, biologists, scientists and alternative energy experts.

Haida Gwaii  is a powerful story that by its end will make viewers want to rise up and protect, not only one of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth, but their own natural back yards as well.

Haida Gwaii has won a number of key awards including winner of Best Canadian Feature at HotDocs 2015, North America’s largest documentary festival.  It has played at festivals around the world and during its theatrical run has become one of the top grossing Canadian films per screen in all of Canada.


Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World