2018 | 73 min | SWITZERLAND
Directed by Samuel Stefan

Australian Premiere

Followed by panel discussion

Presented by 





Principal Grimshaw 
Founder HIP V. HYPE
Head of Research Beyond Zero Emissions
Sustainability Leader Arup

Speaking @ Energy Pioneers


Energy Pioneers showcases the visionaries who are convinced that their ideas will contribute to solving humanity’s most challenging problems.

Following entrepreneurs, innovators and professors and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that come with giving birth to big ideas. Energy Pioneers shows the genius, grit and commitment it takes to change the world.  

American entrepreneur James Ehrlich strives to reinvent urban planning through community-driven living in his utopian ‘ReGen Villages’.

Former Swiss Professor Hansjürg Leibundgut pursues technical innovation and systemic change at the political level.

What unites the two great minds is their commitment to fight for a sustainable future.

Desperately underfunded, they both depend on selling their ideas and finding strong investors. This task takes a toll on both of them, but they are assisted by bright young minds, who share their passion and are prepared to accept their inheritance.

A film about obstacles, crises and the power of an idea.

CLASSIFICATION: No age restrictions