2017 | 93 min | USA
Directed by Jeff Orlowski 

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Melbourne Co-ordinator 350 Pacific
Author and Research Analyst – Breakthrough
Marine conservation and advocacy
Documentary Producer – Youthworx Productions

The latest film from Jeff Orlowski, director of Chasing Ice, follows a team of divers, photographers and scientists on their epic quest to capture the perfect shot to illustrate the devastating impacts that climate change is having on the world’s oceans and coral reefs. Chasing Coral is a profound call to action to reflect and change the human behaviour which has led to this tragedy.

Chasing Coral shadows a group of marine biologists, a self proclaimed ‘coral-nerd’ and camera designers as they set out to record the real time effect of coral bleaching. Coral bleaching is the phenomena in which coral loses its vibrant colour and turns to white – a sign of coral death. Coral bleaching has been rampant in recent years due to increased ocean temperatures and ocean acidification.

As the tragic mass deaths of our coral occurs below sea level, much of the public remain unaware as to the extent of the ecological catastrophe.

The crew in Chasing Coral fight technological and natural hurdles in order to record and present the truth of coral bleaching. The final results are emotional and shocking, offering tragic proof of the need of immediate and drastic social change to curb the devastation of our ecosystems.

‘An emotional race against time’ – The New York Times

‘We feel we’re witnessing not just death but a heartless form of biological murder.’ – Variety

AWARDS: Audience Award for U.S. Documentary at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

FESTIVALS SCREENED AT:   Sundance Film Festival

PHOTO CREDIT Courtesy of: The Ocean Agency XLCatlin Seaview Survey Christophe Bailhache