2014 | 90 min | USA
Directed by Kelly Cox
Australian Premiere

Followed by panel discussion

Presented by That Startup Show

CEO That Startup Show
Social Impact Manager at the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP)
Project Schools Officer and Technologies Teacher at Girl Geek Academy
Head of Talent Acquisition at Weploy

A significant addition to the national conversation on race, gender and age in tech hiring – USA Today

Big Dream follows the stories of seven young women in technology fields around the globe. Each story takes a look at these young women’s ambitions and how they overcome personal challenges to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This inspirational film aims to excite young women, their families, and friends to the wondrous possibilities inherent in science and technology.

Diversity in the technology field is an important issue, with reports from top tech companies showing an underrepresentation of women and minorities. Big Dream examines this issue by following seven young women who are trying to break into science fields and the challenges they encounter.

By turning the camera to girls rather than tech executives, director Kelly Cox hopes to gain a better understanding of the relationship between diversity and STEM fields.

The documentary has sprung into a larger Big Dream Movement which provides resources and academic and organisation connections to girls around the world to support them in pursuing careers in science fields. Spanning from the Middle East to a small town in Iowa, Big Dream examines a new world in which women are at the forefront of technological innovation and aims to inspire a future generation to consider the possibilities open to them.


**This film has been exempt from classification and has no age restrictions