A New Economy
2016 | 85 min | CANADA
Directed by Trevor Meier  
Join us in the Mercury foyer before the film to celebrate the opening night of the festival, with a taste of locally sourced nibbles (thanks to Organic Corner Store) and a glass of wine (thanks to Kooks -The Good Wine Co.).  
 Film introduced by:
Professor Eddie Blass 
Ambassador ‘The Rescope Project’
Founder and CEO of Conesol and The Inventorium



An enlightening overview of the transformational powers of new business models to build an economy that benefits both people and planet.

By looking away from immediate profits, the businesses featured in this documentary welcome a new business model where humanity matters above all. These businesses prove it is possible to use new and innovative methods of co-operation and collaboration to positively influence society ­– all while creating better, more meaningful lives for business owners.

The film showcases a range of businesses, including a small craft-brew co-op, a peer-to-peer open hardware lab, and an urban agriculture social enterprise, and explores how life-changing businesses can be created without huge amounts of capital or support from wealthy sponsors.

A New Economy presents a fresh alternative to business as we know it by demonstrating how a grassroots movement of new enterprises can tackle complex social and environmental challenges.

Directed by Trevor Meier and featuring Gar Alperovitz, Richard Sennett, John Fullerton, Jessi Kate Schlinger (Red Victorian), Tiberius Brastaviceanu (Sensorica) Michael Ableman (Sole Food Street Farms), Sabina Ali (Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee), Ben Knight (Loomio), and the dynamic Canadian Borealis String Quartet.