6 documentaries that will empower you to save the worlds rivers and oceans

Water is our lifeblood. No species can live without it. But humankind’s callous destruction of our rivers, oceans and waterways is having a devastating impact on this vital resource. From pollution and plastic to dwindling fish stocks, there are many issues that need immediate action.

And that’s what groups of passionate individuals around the world are doing. These 6 films explore the devastating impact we’re having on our most precious resource – but most importantly, they offer solutions and ideas for change.

You can catch these films and more at the Transitions Film Festival.

1 RiverBlue

This haunting documentary shows the destruction of rivers and other waterways, and the negative environmental impact the fashion industry is having on humanity as a whole.

Harsh chemical manufacturing and large amounts of disposed toxic waste is destroying our environment the name of fashion. RiverBlue is a ground-breaking documentary that explores the global impact of the industry – and explores the new technologies designed to conserve water and limit the use of toxic chemicals during production.

2 A Plastic Ocean

Described by Sir David Attenborough as one of the most important films of our time”. A Plastic Ocean is a new feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our disposable lifestyle.

A Plastic Ocean follows a team of adventurers and researchers on a mission to uncover the shocking truth about what is lurking beneath the surface of our oceans. Filmed in over 20 locations around the world, A Plastic Ocean documents the chilling effects of plastic pollution and introduces the technology and policy solutions that can change our world for the better.

3 White Waves

The team behind White Waves travelled for two years along the beaches of Europe to reveal the widely unknown cases of pollution – from millions of small plastic wheels to pathogenic bacteria in the sea.

For surfers, water is life. And they want to protect it. White Waves highlights the work of surfing organisations that are working to keep waves clean and beaches free from pollution. They start talk to politicians and to industry. They initiate scientific studies in the ocean and rivers. And if necessary, they go to court.

4 There Will Be Water

This stunning documentary follows the birth, challenges and triumphs of The Sahara Forest Project – an ambitious undertaking that employs solar power and innovative technology to grow vegetation in the desert.

British engineer and zoologist Bill Watts has a big idea: bring saltwater into the desert. There Will Be Water documents his vision of using the sun to create freshwater, food and energy in the desert areas, and change the lives of millions. But in the 50 degree heat of the desert, will every drop of freshwater require an equal drop of sweat?

5 What Lies Below

The documentary follows blind man Lawrence Gunther, a New York University graduate with a Master in Environmental Studies, as he travels across Canada’s greatest fishing locations interviewing locals about the dramatic changes they have witnessed.

What Lies Below explores what is hidden beneath the surface of Canada’s 38,000 lakes and rivers, and raises questions about the future of the country’s fish stocks. In this film, Gunther leads us on an important exploration into an industry in drastic need of change.


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