Katerina Gaita

Speaking @ Breath of Life 

Katerina is the Founding Director of Climate for Change, a not-for-profit whose mission is to create the social climate for effective action on climate change. She is also a member of the MSSI Advisory Board and a mother of two boys, who are the motivating force behind her work.

Climate for Change supports people who understand the gravity and urgency of climate change and to have constructive conversations with friends in order to create a critical mass of people demanding effective action on climate change from those who can deliver it.It use the “Tupperware party” model of small gatherings in peoples’ homes, each of which yields more gatherings, in order to reach new audiences of people concerned about climate change but not engaged with it in day to day life or feeling powerless to act. It then supports them to do something meaningful about climate change on a regular basis.

Katerina’s background is in community engagement and behaviour change. Prior to Climate for Change, Katerina worked for Environment Victoria and ran a sustainable living business. She has trained with leaders in behaviour change and climate communication, including Doug McKenzie Mohr and Al Gore.

Prior to pursuing her passion in sustainability and environment, Katerina studied and worked in the field of law, working as an assistant to Amicus Curiae in the prosecution of Slobodan Milosevic, Professor Tim McCormack and to lawyers prosecuting former Presidents of Guatemala for genocide and crimes against humanity.