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If you want to solve a problem, you need to understand it. If you want to create change, you need to learn from the experts and the envelope-pushing thought leaders who spend their lives on the cutting-edge. 
Drink in wisdom, devour the right knowledge and stand taller on the shoulders of giants. 


  • Curate your mind diet with programs like feedly and Flipboard 
  • Read the latest journals 
  • Subscribe to cutting edge research
  • Continue your studies and become an expert in Sustainability
  • Learn how to think critically and win arguments


Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute: For the latest cutting-edge sustainability research in the world  
Eco News: For curated environmental and sustainable news 
Skeptical Science: For any argument you will ever hear about climate change
Grist: For international environmental news
Singularity University: For news from the future that will blow your mind 
Climarte: For the latest on art and climate change 
Victorian Eco Innovation Lab: For designing a better future – as quickly as we can 
Green Magazine :For ideas on green design  
The School of Life – For getting philosophical about the things that matter
Creative Innovations – For the most inspirational business and innovations conferences in town
Future Business Council – For learning about the opportunities for businesses that solve environmental and social challenges 

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