2016 | 90 min | CANADA 
Directed by Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais
Australian Premiere

An exploration of the problems of overfishing and potential solutions.

What Lies Below explores what is hidden beneath the surface of Canada’s 38,000 lakes and rivers and raises questions about the future of the country’s fish stocks.

The documentary follows blind man Lawrence Gunther, a New York University graduate with a Master in Environmental Studies, as he travels across Canada’s greatest fishing locations interviewing locals about the dramatic changes they have witnessed.

In this stylish documentary, Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais examines the arrival of commercial fishers to Canadian shores 500 years ago, the subsequent exploitation of fish stocks and the ultimate destruction of their aquatic environments.

Having lived in Canadian Innuit communities, fished for cod off Breton Island, competed in professional fishing tournaments across North America, and invented the first fishing boat that can be piloted independently by blind people, Gunther leads us on an important exploration into an industry in drastic need of change.