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The most important renewable resource isn\’t wind or solar, it\’s us – our minds and our lives and the challenges and projects we choose to dedicate our precious time to. 


  • Start a Social Enterprise and use business to tackle social problems
  • Make a film and inspire people to change the world
  • Create a work of art and make people feel 
  • Become an impact investor
  • Become a philanthropist
  • Join a Movement
  • Become a designer
  • Become a sustainability expert 
  • Become a Benefit Corporation 


StartSomeGood  – For funding your game-changing idea
Impact Investing Australia – For getting a double dividend for your investment 
Britdoc – For everything you need to know about making a film that will change the world 
Climarte – For seeing how art can revolutionise hearts and minds
Code For Australia – For learning about ones and zeros 
Social Traders – For learning about starting a social enterprise
B Corporation Australia – For becoming a business that values profit and purpose 
Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network – For growing food in the city 
Co-Design studio – For co-creating the future 


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