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Every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of world we want to live in. From choosing a product that will lighten your footprint, to deciding to buy gifts that help empower change-makers, how we spend our colourful dollars and golden coins has a real and material impact on the world that future generations will inherit. 
Below are some powerful and easy ways that you can alter your consumption habits and have a positive impact.


  • Choose an ethical super fund
  • Choose an ethical bank
  • Buy local, organic and fair trade foods
  • Eat less meat 
  • Purchase renewable energy
  • Buy ethical gifts from social enterprises 
  • Only buy if you can’t share or borrow
  • Use less plastics
  • Travel locally 


Bank Australia: For responsible banking 
Super Switch: For comparing ethical super funds 
Market Forces: For using your money as a force for good 
Lush: For guilt free cosmetics  
Oxfam: For fair trade gifts 
CERES Fair Food: For low footprint food 
The New Joneses: For how to live more with less
Lentil as Anything – Eat good food, pay what you feel. 
Moral Fairground – For the latest on ethical products
Open Food Network – For turning the food system upside down


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