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Changing lightbulbs and buying organic is great, but commerce is not the only way to make the world go around. Whether it\’s signing a petition, writing to a politician or chaining yourself to a bulldozer, the actions we take as citizens shape the systems that control our lives.


  • Attend a march or protest
  • Start or sign a petition
  • Join a Non Governmental Organisation
  • Join a community group 
  • Learn about Non Violent Direct Action
  • Consume less
  • Vote for politicians that share your values
  • Start a political party
  • Support environmental and sustainability campaigns  


Change.org For starting a petition  
Getup For changing a system 
Climate Action Network Australia For solving the climate crisis 
Solar Citizens For driving solar forward 
Environment Victoria For ensuring the future of our environment 
AYCC For solving the climate crisis 
OurSay Get in the ear of decision makers
The Wilderness Society Fight for the forests 
Beyond Zero Emissions – For the latest research about our renewable energy future
CERES – For great examples of sustainable living 
Clean Up Australia – For playing your part in keeping Australia beautiful
Friends of the Earth – For action on the issues that matter
Climate for Change – For tackling climate change one house at a time 
COTA – For improving the lives of older Australians 
Cultivating Community – For growing food better
Great Forest National Park – For protecting the things we love
Oaktree – For solving global poverty 
Oursay – For talking directly to the people in power 
Right Now – For human rights in Australia 
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