Scott Rathman

Speaking @ Haida Gwaii

Scott Rathman is a South Australian artist whose Aboriginal past is represented in his work. He was born in South Australia’s Riverland region in 1974.  He spent time living in the Riverland and also Port Augusta before settling in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

His family is a descendant of the Aranda people of Central Australia.

The rich design of his art is intended as a tribute to his grandmother who was taken from her people as a child, with her memory recorded in his contemporary works.

His curiosity to explore and understand his cultural background is the passion that drives him to look at new ways to combine the traditions of his heritage with designs of the present day.

His works are unique, representing the past through contemporary creative design and expression.

While continuing to work fulltime, Scott manages to bring Aboriginal art and culture to school students and the public through workshops and wherever the opportunity is provided.