Raelene Ng Binion

Raelene Ng Binnion is one half of the team that owns and operates Silver Springs Hops and Permaculture Farm, located in the Adelaide Hills. As the first commercial hops growers in South Australia in 80 years, Raelene and her husband, Stuart, grow several varieties of hops to supply to local microbreweries.

They also grow their own fruits and vegetables, following permaculture practices, for their own use. Any excess is shared with family and friends, and sold to their local community via social media and the local farmers market, or turned into specialty jams, sauces, pickles and fermented foods – nothing is wasted.

Fresh, organic and seasonal produce, sustainability and community connectedness are core principles for the Binnions’ way of life. They have run Stu and Rae’s Veggie Patch page on Facebook for many years, teaching and inspiring others to live sustainably. With passion, drive, determination, and a never-give-up attitude no matter what life throws at you, sustainability is a way of life, and one Planet Earth needs very much.