Phillip Wollen

Speaking @ Raw 

Phillip was rated by Financial Press as the top 40 ‘brightest and best’ headhunted executives in Australia. During travels around the world he saw cruelty on such a massive scale that it affected him profoundly. By the age of 40, he had become a committed advocate for social justice.

Today, Phil and his wife Trix support 500 humanitarian projects for children, animals, the arts, and the environment in 40+ countries.

He supports schools, hospitals, orphanages, shelters, ambulances, anti-whaling campaigns, marine protection, bore-wells, animal rights films, wildlife protection, bio-gas plants, medical equipment, food and fuel supplies, oncology, road trauma, and palliative care projects, Kindness Farms, Mobile Vegan Restaurants and disaster relief.

In 20015, Phil received the ‘Order of Australia’, in 2007 he received and Australia of the Year award and in 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.