Mel Waters

Speaking @ Bikes Vs Cars

Mel Waters is one of the founding members of Adelaide Bike Kitchen in Bowden and has since moved on to their own project ‘Honeybee Cycles’. The bike shop sets out to be unlike any other bike shop in Adelaide. Honeybee’s vision is to change one car use per week with a bike commute. It sets out to achieve this is by offering a range of products making this transition seamless and by offering affordable and inclusive service.

Having cycled through Tasmania, South Thailand and on a solo adventure in Northern Thailand, Mel is also keen to inspire others to travel the country and the world on their bike.

Alongside running Honeybee Cycles Mel is studying a Gender and Sexuality course at Adelaide University and finishing their undergrad in Environmental Policy and Management at Adelaide University. Mel is also a Gender and Sexually Diverse Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Worker for the Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia.