Luke Taylor

Speaking @ Two Raging Grannies

Luke Taylor has been the Director of the Sustainable Living Foundation for over a decade. During his time as Director, Luke has spearheaded the development and growth of the annual Sustainable Living Festival, from a small regional sustainability fair to a three-day weekend in Melbourneʼs CBD to the current three-week statewide festival that now features over 300 events.

The Sustainable Living Festival has fast become one of Melbourneʼs major events and increasingly attracts high profile national presenters including Peter Singer and Clive Hamilton as well as international guests of the calibre of David Suzuki (2011) and Annie Leonard (2013).

The event provides visitors with real world solutions to help them achieve sustainability changes and continues to lead the way with its innovative sustainable events production, which was recognised through winning a Melbourne Award for contribution to sustainability in 2012.

Luke is also the Director of Breakthrough, the National Centre for Climate Restoration. Breakthrough is a platform for organisations, and individuals who are seeking to explore and develop sounds strategies to restore safe climate conditions.   Breakthrough has emerged from a growing need to develop a more coordinated approach to climate action and seeks to help align and define high level emergency scale strategies across environmental and social movements.