Leigh Ewbank

Leigh Ewbank coordinates Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables campaign.

The Yes 2 Renewables team empowers communities to win campaigns that accelerate the rollout of renewable energy. The campaign works with communities, workers, unions, businesses, and other stakeholders to build a strong pro-renewable energy constituency that can’t be ignored.

Leigh cut his teeth helping communities fight-back against the well resourced anti wind farm lobby. This took him to Central Victoria, Canberra, and King Island where he became known as the “Vegemite Man.”

At the Federal level, Yes 2 Renewables is known for its RET Road Trip campaign that stalled the Abbott government’s attempts to axe the Renewable Energy Target.

Yes 2 Renewables has had its greatest impact in Victoria, where the group’s state election campaign secured a commitment from the Andrews-led Labor party to repeal the Baillieu government’s anti-wind farm laws. Lifting the laws has allowed the Woodend community to pursue a locally owned wind farm.

Leigh also supported the Anglesea community in their successful campaign to close the polluting brown coal power plant that operated close to homes and a primary school.

Yes 2 Renewables has led the push for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target–building a strong coalition of interest for growing renewable energy in the process.