Keitha Young

Keitha Young is a passionate advocate for seed saving and preserving biodiversity.

She is best known for founding Seed Freedom Food Festival, after studying Organic Farming & Agroecology with Dr. Vandana Shiva at Earth University in India.

This festival has thrived for 3 years with thousands attending to celebrate, be inspired by and informed on how to grow your own organic food, supporting local food and the worldwide need to save seeds!  

This year will see an exciting new direction for the festival as it morphs into ‘Seeds of Unity’.

Keitha also works on an organic farm in Mclaren Vale and is a Garden Specialist who adores teaching young minds in the kitchen garden program at Christie Downs Primary School. She is currently studying to be an accredited herbalist but will always be an avid gardener, deep lover of Seed, student to the plants and devoted worker for the Earth.

Instagram handle @thepeacefulseed