Isaebella Doherty

 Speaking @ Polyfaces
Isaebella Doherty, at the ripe age of twenty-two, is an International award-winning filmmaker.
 Endeavouring into filmmaking, from the performing arts, in her early teens, she won her first award at the RAW Arts Awards with her documentary on youth culture, ‘Filthy Youth’ at age fifteen.
 The year after, she won the Youth Award at the Hillside Film Festival, for her creation, ‘Swan’ , a music video, for Isaebella’s musical project at the time.
After a stint in Europe in her later teenage life, Isaebella relocated to New Zealand and began working with (now-defunct Adventure Artists) before pursuing a media & events venture, Fyrefly, with her partner, Andreas Overdahl.
 Now, as co-Director of Polyfaces, Isaebella has received awards at the Life Sciences Film Festival & Weyawuega Film Festival, while continuing to seek opportunities for creation of regenerative living & design affiliated media, living between Australia & New Zealand.