Fiona McCuaig

Speaking @ A Plastic Ocean

A Sydney girl, Fiona, 34, grew up by the sea and the bush and a natural love of everything wild.  Fiona  has  worked  as  a  property  consultant  for  8  years,  and  always  weaved  in  volunteering  with  animals  throughout  this  time.  She  spent  six  months  volunteering  in  Africa  and  America  in  wildlife rehabilitation, volunteered in three zoos (London, Beijing and Taronga) and is now head of the youth committee for the Foundation for the National Parks and Wildlife in New South Wales.

Founder  of  Excellence  in  World  Zoos,  she  was  able  to  combine her  love  of  animals  with  her  two  degrees of Economics and Property. Her organisation instigates redevelopment of poor enclosures in developing  countries.  Her  first  project  was  the Australian  Zone  of  the  Beijing  Zoo  in  time  for  the  Olympics.   

Fiona left her property job in 2008 and went as a full-­‐time volunteer with Sea Shepherd for two and a half years ..she says “ I was living my ultimate dream by being able to work full time representing animals and  their  rights  around  the  world.”  Fiona  initially  volunteered  in the  head  office  of  Sea  Shepherd  for  six  weeks  on  an  island  off Seattle  and  then  got  invited  on  the  ships.  She  did  two arduous campaigns down to Antarctica on the Bob Barker ship stopping the Japanese whalers, one campaign in the Faroe Islands stopping the killing of pilot whales and was Sea Shepherd campaign co coordinator for the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill.


Fiona  was  Sea  Shepherd  spokeswoman  in  the  USA  for  two  summer  seasons  –  talking  about  her  experiences in Antarctica and promoting the show Whale Wars – the reality TV show that documents their  journey.  Fiona  was  on  26  radio  shows  and  5  TV  interviews  –  including  a  one-­‐hour  show  with  Larry King Live! with the Captain Paul Watson.  

Back in Sydney now, she is educating schools and orgnaisations about the health of the ocean and was a speaker at Climate Action Summit in June 2012.  

With a human population predicted to double to 12 billion, Fiona believes there is a huge amount of work to be done in her life to prevent the extinction of many species of wildlife.