Dr Mark Stevens

Speaking @ Ice and the Sky

Mark was a graduate at Flinders University in Adelaide before moving to New Zealand where he completed his PhD on Antarctic biology in 2003. Mark continued his Antarctic research in NZ as a postdoctoral researcher with both NZ and Australian Antarctic funding to work on the molecular biology of some ‘weird land-dwelling spineless creatures’ in Antarctica.

In 2008 Mark joined the South Australian Museum as a Research Scientist where he continues working on numerous projects, including Antarctica. SA Museum is already well-known for its polar exhibitions and links to Mawson and Mark’s research from 12 expeditions and around 100 research publications over the last 13 years continues this legacy.

His next expedition reveals more of the world he lives in; this summer with the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition funded through the Swiss Polar Institute he will join 54 researchers from 19 countries on board the Russian Research vessel Akademik Treshnikov to undertake 22 research projects from biology to climatology to oceanography.



A Functional Biogeography of the Antarctic