David Ritter

David returned to Australia to become CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific in 2012 after five years with Greenpeace in London, where he campaigned on the global issues of destructive fishing, deforestation and climate change.

Prior to joining Greenpeace, David worked as a lawyer practising in general litigation, resources law and native title, before spending a short stint as an academic teaching in law and history. David was acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading Indigenous rights lawyers and is the author of Contesting Native Title and The Native Title Market.

A widely published commentator on politics, law, history and current affairs, David is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Australia and an Associate of the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney.

David has had an extensive involvement in civil society in both Australia and the UK. He holds honours degrees in both law and history from the University of Western Australia and masters with distinction in global politics from the London School of Economics.

David grew up in Western Australia, the youngest of seven children. He now lives in Sydney and is married with two daughters”.