Ahmed Salama

Ahmed is the CoFounder & Creative Director & Co Producer of hit web series That Start Up Show a startup show about startups.  Ahmed’s passion for startups began when he began designing and selling websites at age 14.

Since then, he’s won numerous awards and nominations (two time Directors Guild Award Nominee, AIMIA Award winner) for his prolific work in design and digital storytelling. With a passion for combining design, technology and storytelling, he’s produced viral hits such as the ‘Free Hugs Campaign’, which gained an audience of 200 million people worldwide and internet cult hit “The Tunnel” – the first feature film to be crowd funded and released for free via BitTorrent, iPad, Cinema, DVD and VOD simultaneously, with over 15 million downloads worldwide.  He holds Master of Design degree from the College of Fine Art UNSW.

He currently helms his own UX Design Agency, based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne. Ahmed is on the Melbourne Techfugees team and has been a board member of the Refugee Arts Program.